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Danielle Polgar, M.A.


Midweek Meditation: New Moon in Cancer

So I meant to post this yesterday but the internet gods must have had it out for me. My post was marked as an error message and all the words disappeared into thin air. Oh that glorious feeling!

It was yet another lesson in non-attachment and a practice of breathing through my frustration and disappointment.

It's not going to stop me from sharing what I wanted to share yesterday though!

This is the card I pulled yesterday which couldn't be more perfect for the New Moon in Cancer: The Grandmothers - also known as 'The Moon' card in the Major Arcana. The message is simple: we are all creative channels for the divine, it's time to embrace and harness our manifesting power and co-create with the flow of life. Call upon the ancestors for guidance.

This is the card I pulled yesterday which couldn't be more perfect for the New Moon in Cancer: The Grandmothers - also known as 'The Moon' card in the Major Arcana. The message is simple: we are all creative channels for the divine, it's time to embrace and harness our manifesting power and co-create with the flow of life. Call upon the ancestors for guidance.

Yesterday (and today) the Moon has transitioned from it's Full Moon stage of two weeks ago, into its New Moon phase. The New Moon is when the Moon and the Sun are conjunct or aligned together in orbit. These two luminaries and lights in our life come together in a sacred marriage. The Sun, which represents our soul essence and ego, and the Moon, representing our inner, emotional, and spiritual essence are even more radiant in the sign they are visiting. This time of year, it's in Cancer.

Because of this we're looking at the themes associated with the Moon and 4th house, both ruled by Cancer (double whammy energy here). So we're looking at the themes of home, nurturing, protection, security, emotions, the feminine, and family.

New Moons are times where we make room for the new with deliberate intention. And right now, since we are halfway through 2015, this is an opportunity to redirect the energy of the year to complete intentions we set in January.

On Sunday we had the Sun squaring Uranus so it might be helpful to take a moment and reflect on what unexpected developments came into your life, for whatever was revealed to you this past weekend is looking to be acknowledged in this New Moon.

There is also sacred geometry involved with this particular New Moon as there are 3 planets in water signs (and 2 luminaries, the Sun and the Moon) – so there are a total of 5 celestial bodies in water signs. Numerologically, 5 represents dynamic change, taking risks, and making strides forward. This symbolism perfectly aligns with the New Moon energy of fertility, reset, and new beginnings.

So whatever holding pattern you’ve been in, this is the time to choose a new direction. And, perhaps instead of giving up the old, it’s about shifting your focus to view things from a new perspective where you can access new choices and from those choices, have new experiences.

This Moon is helping us break out of old patterns and establish new patterns. It's like mixing a new song into the one that came before, or adding in a new dance step or move into our own personal dance with life.


Let’s check in with your inner world for a few moments and access your feminine, intuitive wisdom, using your breath as your guide. With your breath you're going to connect with our emotional center, which actually originates in your brain as the limbic system - the processing center for your emotions and the storing center for long term memory.

So you may want to take a few moments to read through this to get a sense of what to look for during your meditation, and come back to this as a guide when you need to refresh.

Beginning with noticing your breath. I welcome you to softening your gaze or close your eyes if that feels good to you.

Begin to notice what thoughts are showing up and what words your mind is using to speak to you. Notice the endless processing and filtering of information happening there. The waxing and waning of your attention, coming in and out of focus with the sounds around you, and with your physical sensations. Bear witness to all that's unfolding and feel yourself expand into the endless space of your being.

See if any resistance shows up and acknowledge it with a simple, "hello" - meeting that fear of change with loving compassion and acceptance.

Now I invite you to consider your mind as a womb, similar to the one you have in your body as a woman. Your mind is its own womb that is constantly conceiving, developing, and birthing new ideas, thoughts and stories.

Your mind is a powerful center for creation, and you create your reality based on how you perceive things through its filter. So right now, is the best time to begin conceiving the best world for yourself, and for the collective whole of humanity.

But before we do that, I invite you to allow your mind to become 'pregnant' with specific fears, concerns, worries, judgments, and doubts you have in your life. Feeling them grow and expand and take on a life of their own.

While you’re doing this you’re actually activating the amygdala which engages your fight or flight response. This area of the brain feeds on whatever emotional stimulus is around you. So next time you’re aware of your thoughts during the day, notice what your surroundings are and how this is stimulating these thoughts.

Now with these thoughts and fears in your mind, imagine that you have a broom in your hand and you can sweep away these negative thoughts that trigger unpleasant emotions. So imagine you are sweeping them right away into a dustpan and throwing them back to Source to be purified and cleansed.  

Now that you have this new, clean, space in the womb of your mind, I invite you to conceive thoughts that uplift and inspire you - thoughts of beauty, freedom, expansion, joy, abundance, love, kindness, and connection. Really feel into these thoughts, allowing your thoughts to trigger your emotional body by way of your amygdala. This practice of cultivating new thought patterns activates your amygdala to respond to these positive, uplifting, encouraging thoughts. This conscious relationship you’re having with your brain right now is preparing you for what you intend to manifest.

So take a few more moments to continue to fill up your womb-mind with success stories and visions of yourself manifesting the dreams you want to live out in this life time. Holding these visions here will guide you to the creative outcome you are planting the seed for today.

And take a moment to check in with your heart for a moment – ask yourself, ‘how am I in harmony and flow with the universe right now? How am I out of sync?’ And if you find aren’t in harmony and flow, what do you need to change in your life to neutralize and harmonize your world? Notice what comes to you…

And now, I invite you to call upon an image of a woman: maybe a Goddess or one of your Grandmothers - a wise, powerful, beautiful and strong presence. You can feel her loving and supportive energy and know she is there to midwife you to your creative outcome you are manifesting. So she embraces you and you feel comforted in her arms, and together you celebrate and bless the seeds of your intentions you are planting today.

What seeds are you planting at this New Moon?

What are you hoping to create for yourself?