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Danielle Polgar, M.A.


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Midweek Meditation: New Moon in Cancer

Yesterday (and today) the Moon has transitioned from it's Full Moon stage of two weeks ago, into its New Moon phase. The New Moon is when the Moon and the Sun are conjunct or aligned together in orbit. These two luminaries and lights in our life come together in a sacred marriage. The Sun, which represents our soul essence and ego, and the Moon, representing our inner, emotional, and spiritual essence are even more radiant in the sign they are visiting. This time of year, it's in Cancer.

Because of this we're looking at the themes associated with the Moon and 4th house, both ruled by Cancer (double whammy energy here). So we're looking at the themes of home, nurturing, protection, security, emotions, the feminine, and family.

New Moons are times where we make room for the new with deliberate intention. And right now, since we are halfway through 2015, this is an opportunity to redirect the energy of the year to complete intentions we set in January.

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