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Danielle Polgar, M.A.


Follow the Leader

My darling friend Jamy has an alluring lifestyle blog called Fourth Street. So many treasures to be found on her site - including this recent post where she shares an intimate perspective into her world. right. now. This presence practice is a precious hand-me down that originated on the Practicing Simplicity blog and was also featured on Veda House and Brenna Rose.

I love participating in a good thread of creative exploration. And let me tell you, it's not as easy as it looks.

Here is my curated selection below. 

MAKING space in my closet. I love consignment stores!
COOKING so many goodies from my weekly CSA.
DRINKING coffee, water, and wine (not all at once of course.
READING Cycles of Becoming - The Planetary Pattern of Growth.
WANTING a new camera.
LOOKING forward to our NY trip in June.
PLAYING with the puppies! Best distraction ever.
WASTING clothes I don't wear.
SEWING my puppies' stuffed toys - minor surgeries needed.
WISHING I had a cabin retreat in the woods.
ENJOYING time with my sweetheart.
WAITING for the summer.
LIKING silence while I write.
WONDERING where I'll be this time next year.

LOVING my clients. Big time. Such brave and inspiring souls.
OPENING my heart, a little more everyday.
HOPING more people wake up (consciously).
MARVELING at the magic of astrology.
NEEDING a trim.
SMELLING eggs over toast. Lunchtime!
WEARING denim and a red long-sleeved tee.
FOLLOWING Danielle LaPorte on Soundcloud.
NOTICING my thoughts.
KNOWING life is a miracle.
THINKING about the future.
BOOKMARKING things for my Friday Favorites
GIGGLING at the puppies exploring the world.
FEELING abundantly blessed, loved, and grateful.

What would your list look like today? Feel free to share in the comments below or share a link of your post. I'd love to see this thread continue elsewhere online.

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