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Danielle Polgar, M.A.


Fish Oil, Kombucha, Kaypacha, and Mark Nepo

Welcome Taurus!

We are now in the 2nd sign of the Zodiac - the embodied, luxury-loving, creative, and stable Earth sign ruled by Venus - the planet of beauty, money, love, and art. This is for sure my favorite sign, because guess what? My birthday month is fast approaching - woooo hoooo!

I'm pretty sure most May babies agree it's the best month to be born. I mean, we even have a term, "May babies". How cute is that?

Onto more serious matters, this week was a real whopper for many people affected by the Cardinal Grand Cross occurring in the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. There's been so much press about this astrological event, but I won't overwhelm you with a bunch of links to posts because the good news is, the Cardinal Grand Cross is over. Of course we'll still feel its effects for a while and we do have a partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus coming up on the 29th. 

Notice where you may be awakening, shifting, and emerging like a chick from an eggshell into a new paradigm of unity consciousness. That's what's going down my friends. It's happening. And the more the world resists it, the more painful the shift will be.

Though I don't enjoy hearing how challenging life has been for many of my friends and clients, I admit I'm excited this energy is moving us in a new direction.

Change is the answer.

So, ahoy! Jump on board the change train and enjoy witnessing the magical unfolding of our humanifest destiny. I'm curious what's ahead for us. And I can imagine you're curious what's on my favorite list for the week, so here goes:

1. Dr. Mercola Krill Oil with Primrose

OK ladies and gents. Get your fingers ready to click "purchase" on the Mercola website. This is the jimmy-jam of all jams in terms of fish oil supplements. Dr. Mercola packaged this high quality krill oil (straight from the source) in a phospholipid so it can be absorbed into our cell membranes. I particularly praise the Women's formula because it contains Evening Primrose Oil which, is the cure for any and all PMS symptoms. I tried many, many, many different combinations of supplements and witchy practices and nothing compares to the effectiveness of this formula. It's magic potion for m'lady friends. If you experience weepiness, frustration, irritation, impatience, food cravings, fatigue, bloating…you know the whole pleasantry of female complaints? Well, spend your dollars on these beauties. They are like a massage for your hormones. 

2. Homemade Kombucha

My honey is a scientist. Well actually, he's a biologist and soon to be Chiropractor (in 2.5 years). He enjoys concocting things in the kitchen, especially when it involves a fermentation project such as making kombucha or sauerkraut. After my lovely lady friend Dalia gifted us a mama scoby (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) a few months ago, we're now on our 4th batch of kombucha. It's the best one so far. Tasty, bubbly, probi goodness that is making our mouths and bellies very happy.

3. Kayapacha's Grand Cross Summary

click image to play

click image to play

Admission: I watched this guy (Tom Lesher) a long time ago and could not get into his jive at all. I don't know why but as soon as he started talking I spaced out and couldn't focus. Until recently my friend recommended I check him out again. So I did. I listened to all 20 minutes of this video. In it he discusses the essence of the Cardinal Grand Cross and I have to say - he nails it. I appreciate his candor, smile, wisdom, and the way he sets up his camera in the middle of the jungle. If you're looking for 20 minutes of educational entertainment, this is a good start! I also dig the name of his website - New Paradigm Astrology. Perfection.

4. The Book of Awakening

This is actually a daily favorite. It was gifted to me by my soul sister, Zoe as a birthday present last year. I have savored each sweet offering of Mark Nepo's wisdom in this rare gem of a book ever since.

Yesterday's reading was especially sweet. It's titled, Love Like Water. I won't do it justice by interpreting it so I will leave you with the mystery of what it says by offering you a taste:

Most things break instead of transform because they resist. The quiet miracle of love is that without our interference, it, like water, accepts whatever is tossed or dropped or placed into it, embracing it completely.

Of course, we are human and are easily hurt if not loved back or if loved poorly. But we waste so much of life's energy by deliberating who and what shall be worthy of our love when in the deepest elemental sense, these choices are not in our province, anymore than rain can choose what it shall fall upon. 

In a word? Yes. 

What's turning your wheels at the moment?

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