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Danielle Polgar, M.A.


Thoughts on Manifestation

"You can't have it all"

Have you heard this before? If so, how did you feel hearing it? How did that statement influence your outlook on life?

Recently I heard that message as a whisper in my head after asking myself, 'what's in my way?' 

Well, that message is what's in the way.

That old, outworn b.s. (belief system) is what keeps me from expanding and claiming my desires. 

This realization was sparked by a listening to an illuminating talk by Jose Stevens of The Power Path. In this talk about the process of manifestation, he distills and compiles teachings, tips, and wisdom from a variety of sources - including the Course in Miracles, and research in quantum physics. You can purchase his audio mp3 through The Power Path here.

What I loved about his talk, is that he suggests to leave the details to Spirit and focus more on how we want to 'feel' in our bodies as a result of having what we want.

So instead of needing to know how we're going to get 'it', focus more on the feeling we want as a result. In other words, what is your 'why' behind your desire.

Back in the day when I frequented the New Age/Self-Help section of Border’s in Santa Fe, I read numerous books about the power of intention. I devoured these books and employed the magic techniques: visualization, positive thinking, dream boards, affirmations. You name it. I was what is now termed, a “spiritual junkie”.

Some of the tricks worked, some didn't. Then I listened to an audio meditation about embodying the feeling of having that which I desired. I tried it, and THAT worked even better. 

Feeling into the quality of what I was trying to manifest really made sense.

Though I don’t doubt the power of visualization, positive thinking, dream boards, and affirmations, I never really felt capable of bringing something into form without the feeling of what it would be like to have it.

Steven’s talk addresses this. He brings awareness to the body as a source of power, while many other manifesting techniques (albeit helpful) deal solely with the mind and imagination - which fragments the whole picture. His talk is therefore, holistic.

Inviting the body into our manifestation process is essential to bring things into form. Our body is form. It's our ally.

Steven also points out how karma can block our ability to manifest. He believes that yes, there are things we can't have and can't change - such as, we can't change the family we were born into, nor can we change our race. And, perhaps Spirit or our Soul knows more than our human mind can see. Perhaps if we were to manifest something it would hurt us instead of help us.

However, he believes there are some things we can change. Like our beliefs, emotions, and perspective.

His 4 steps to manifesting your desires are:

  1. Know what you want.

  2. Claim ‘it’.

  3. Welcome ‘it’ into your life.

  4. Own 'it'. 

Step 1 is a no brainer. We have to know what we want in order to have what we want, right? Sure, but not many of us (myself included) always know what we want. There are SO many choices. How do we choose?

He suggests that at least know you want clarity - and then, ask for it.

“Forget about the 'how' for now, only focus on the ‘what’. You do not need to know the how, right now. That will only get your rational mind stuck in circles. The how will reveal itself before long, without struggle. All you need to know is the first baby step”. - Jose Stevens

Step 2 means claiming your worthiness of the desired thing or feeling. Have confidence that what you desire is coming to you. Just like you confidently hand over your claim check to retrieve your car from a valet, you can hand over your claim check to the universe for what you want.

Speak it to the mountain tops! Make it yours! Claim it is so! 

Step 3 is an invitation. Just as you would invite guests into your home and prepare dinner for them, when you want something, create space at the dinner table of your life.

This is where he discusses tapping into the feeling of what it would be like to have what you desire. 

I did step 3 when I lived in New Mexico (prior to knowing about this step of course) and I can report, it worked! I found the love of my life. It only took a few years, but it eventually came to fruition.

Just like a garden takes time to flourish, our desires may take time to manifest. Trust in divine time and practice patience. 

Step 4 is the last and final step, and often the one people omit. Unfortunately, missing this step leaves the manifestation process incomplete.

Owning 'it' is different than claiming 'it'. Ownership implies responsibility - the ability to respond.

How are you going to respond to your desire once you get it?

What actions can you take to communicate to the Universe/Spirit/God and your subconscious that you can handle and appreciate your desire once it's manifested?

I'm not so great at step 4. It's part of my tendency to procrastinate. Sometimes I avoid taking action because I'm afraid.

After all, for the past 33 years, I've believed the myth, 'you can't have it all'

That old belief prevents me from taking action because I am AFRAID to have it all. 

Will I have to sacrifice something in order to have something else? Will I be considered a 'bad' person if I have it all? Doesn't desire cause suffering anyways? Isn't desire ego-territory?

Fear, worry, fear, worry. Ugh.

As much as I consider myself a spiritual person, I'm kind of over the spiritual talk about bypassing the ego and ignoring the body and everything related to the earthly realms. 

We LIVE in our bodies, we have an ego. It's how we experience our spirituality. It gives us structure and helps us get shit done. And yes, it can be a pestering pain in the butt, but when we extend compassion and give it attention, sometimes it shuts up. It really just wants to be heard.

Instead of battling with my ego, I'm starting to accept it. I'm starting to listen to my desires and check in with them. Do they align with my greater purpose? Are they purely selfish and self-satisfying? Or do they serve the greater whole? 

Maybe desires are just our spirits wanting to experience life, learn more lessons, and burn off more karma? Maybe it's more about how we respond to these desires than having the desires themselves?

So, maybe check in with your desire and ask yourself, "does this align with the highest good? Does this desire allow me to serve others and live up to my potential? Is this desire providing me an opportunity to grow on my spiritual path? 

If so, I'm gonna say it's a pretty healthy desire - manifest that shit.

But what does it even mean to 'have it all'?

I think that depends on every person's back story and their current circumstances. 

Personally, I have a tremendous amount of blessings to be grateful for. I'm not saying I need to be a millionaire on top of it. Still, it would be nice to allow myself the opportunity to have a loving relationship, good health, AND financial stability (even though stability is an illusion).

I'll be straight up, I'm missing the financial piece in my life right now. I have no fear in expressing that truth. Being a recent graduate and full-time baby entrepreneur is an act of tremendous faith.

And let me tell you, I know money isn't everything. I had it when I was married. But I was also in an unhappy marriage. Hence more proof to support my old belief that 'you can't have it all'.

I have an amazing relationship now. And though I am totally supported by the universe and eat amazing food and have a great place to live, I have had to learn how to live on a major budget.

No complaints about it - learning the way of simplicity has been incredibly valuable. I know I don't need a lot….AND, it is nice to have funds available so I don't have to say no, I can instead choose to say no. Having money provides me with freedom to do what I came here to do. And, it allows me to travel to see my family and offer it generously to others. 

I mean, we can't take any of this with us, it's true. But we can do a lot of good with what we have and what we manifest. Especially if we bring our consciousness to what it is we're inviting into our lives.

So how can we allow ourselves the joy of living life to the fullest, in whatever that means for each of us?

I'm not saying we should all go on a shopping spree. I'm talking about knowing our worth. Claiming it. Owning it. And believing we deserve what we want.

Thankfully, I just stumbled upon the quote in the picture below by none other than the grounded, yet spiritual homegirl, Danielle LaPorte. She is a powerhouse of a guide and her talk about Core Desires is life-changing. Check it out here.

Be prepared to be inspired and have your mind blown.

So this is it. This is the message that is setting me on a new path: 

Own it. Claim it. Live the life you came here to live. 

No one is standing in your way but you.

Get out there and invite changes that will support your highest path.

I'm on a mission to debunk and weed out that awful myth from my consciousness (and whatever other stinkbugs live in there).

And you can too. Whatever limiting thoughts are in your way, let them go and set yourself free. 

This is a powerful time of immense change. The upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 15th is asking us to shift the way we relate to ourselves, to each other, and to our past. In addition, we have the upcoming Grand Cross that is shaking us out of a fear-based mentality into an expansive place of love. Harness the energy of the times my friends.

As Lena from The Power Path says:

You hold a huge amount of energy in your hands. It is up to you where you channel it. Into fear, doubt and negativity? Or into joy, inspiration and excitement for what the future may bring. Intensity can be productive, focused and extremely fulfilling if channeled into the right things. Don't get distracted by other people's dramas and negativity. Be inspired, grateful and full of awe!

Challenge your beliefs. Stand in your truth. Follow your joy. Live love now.

I offer you a few questions to ponder:

What happens when you actually get what you want? Is it as exciting and thrilling as you thought? Or is it somewhat of a letdown?

What does it mean to you to 'have it all?' What outworn beliefs are in your way of manifesting your desires?

Feel free to leave a comment if you're wanting to shout it from the rooftops.

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