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Danielle Polgar, M.A.


How Kale + Brussels Sprouts Are Changing The World.

Let's get right down to business with this.  I'm going to talk about some vegetables.  Infamous vegetables at that.  

They grow from the dirt, they've been around for who know's how long, and suddenly within the past 5 years they have exploded onto the scene.  They are now offered on almost every menu from farm-to-table, to rustic italian restaurants - coast-to-coast, worldwide.  

They're even considered a 'chic' addition to any potluck.  And they're even dehydrated and sold as a tasty snack.  How can we deny it?  Kale + brussels sprouts are quite the infamous team.

So how did this happen?  And if we reflect for a moment - can we rewind to the early 1980's when I was growing up?  Does anyone remember actually liking these two items?  I only vaguely remember them as subject of many a joke in newspaper comics or on TV sitcoms.  

Everyone hated these poor little guys. It was a tragedy. After all, we knew they were good for us, but sadly these puppies got a bad rep. No one knew how to cook them or make them taste good, and heaven forbid were they offered at a restaurant. 

Fast forward to 2014 though and voila, we've evolved!  We discovered ways to cook them, make them taste amazing, and even market them to a wide audience. Everyone is in love with kale + brussels sprouts. They are making it - big time.  And the truth is, they deserve it.  They're healthy and delicious - it's a winning combination.

And, there's something more to these highly nutritious veggie friends that gets me curious about the evolution of human consciousness.  Particularly regarding the potential we have to transform other unpopular, or what some might consider "yucky" things, into celebrated additions for the health of the world.  

I'm not just thinking about food here though. Because the shift in consciousness around kale + brussels sprouts is more than getting our 5 servings of veggies. This represents much, much more.  

If we can transform our hateful relationship with these veggies into a loving relationship in just a little more than 30 years time - what else can we do to transform things we currently see as disgusting, repulsive, or overwhelming?  

Perhaps we can transform our trash + waste situation; perhaps our economic situation, or our relationship with other countries?  Or most importantly, our relationship with Mother Earth. 

Since we've opened our arms up to kale + brussels sprouts, it's pretty clear we've made some advances in human consciousness.  And therefore, I have greater faith in humanity to make our collective dreams a reality.  If you think I am joking, think again.

I'm way more confident in the possibility of living in a world where we can enjoy our work and develop new ways of exchanging goods + services that supports an abundance mentality.  I'm confident we can eradicate hunger and work together towards maintaining a fully sustainable and harmonious relationship with the planet.  

You may think I'm delusional - or as John Lennon said, "a dreamer" - and, you know what?  You're totally right -- well, about the dreamer part.  But, I'm not the only one.  Just think, little green kale and baby brussels sprouts were dreaming up their days of fame a little over 30 years ago and now they are finally living like kings.  

Humans have made incredible leaps in consciousness throughout time. We're so good at working together to come up with creative solutions and inventions.  Just consider the fact I am typing on a computer and communicating with people all over the world.  Or think about civil rights - among so many other amazing advances we've made.  Let's keep this change train going.

Change happens.  But it's even better when we use our creativity to invite changes that benefit everyone.

Just like we did when we changed our relationship to kale + brussels sprouts.  Now more people are eating these cruciferous cuties and in turn, getting their healthy dose of vitamins, K, C, A, and fiber!  It's jam-packed goodness for all.

So despite the negative press I've recently seen from folks on elephant journal, I will still be eating my daily dose of kale (ok, maybe I'll cook it instead of eating it raw). And, I will continue to serve up some brussels sprouts - maybe sautéed in some coconut oil with vanilla salt, or tossed in some browned butter with roasted garlic. Mmmm, mmmm, mmm.  You bet I will.  

I will also continue to dream big, in the hopes that humans get our wits together and start realizing this is our only home in the great, vast emptiness of space.  We best continue to work together and make changes that support the well-being of everyone that lives here, and all that  have yet to be born.

And you know what?  That change starts with me and you.   So eat your veggies and dream big.  Become a change agent in your own life.

Check out this super delish recipe that incorporates these heroes of the dirt.


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