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Danielle Polgar, M.A.


Woman's Search for Meaning

If my memory serves me, it was in 9th grade when I first read Man’s Search for Meaning - an inspiring story about Viktor Frankl’s experience in nazi concentration camps that led him to develop Logotherapy - an existential approach to psychotherapy.  

Instead of allowing the experience of torture and loss destroy him, Frankl used his “Dark Night of the Soul” experience to show him the way to the Light.  He discovered that the ultimate human quest is that of finding meaning in what this life is about - and his quest is what he attributes to his survival.

What does this have to do with anything? Well I thought about Viktor Frankl recently after two of my awesome friends invited me to contemplate what meaning means to me.

My response is as follows:

To me, meaning is a multi-dimensional sensation - a deep, reverberating pulse of connection to the greater whole.  In one word, meaning equals connection.

I experience meaning amidst subtle moments of conversation when I attune myself to the emotional essence of another’s words - when I really resonate with what they are saying and recognize we are connected on the very basic level of energy.

I find meaning while walking through nature and hearing the music of leaves dancing in the wind as they dangle from the tree that birthed them.   Or when I look up at the sky and know that the stars, though farther than I can fathom, are shining even when I can't see them.  

I find meaning in communication - in putting together words so that the melody of my heart can be heard between the spaces.  

Meaning is being heard by my partner - being seen with his eyes and easing into the knowing that I am loved.

I find meaning in walking around an urban neighborhood to experience what it is like to be a part of the colorful tapestry of humanity.

I find meaning in astrology. Studying the movement of the planets and seeing how the mythological archetypes play out scenarios in our human stories reminds me of the universal “neighborhood” I live in.

I explore and seek meaning in synchronicity - in the magical “a-ha” moments while I read books or find quotes or see patterns emerging that show the sacred geometry present in all of my present moments. 

Meaning reveals itself to me in silent and spoken prayer - and mostly, in ritual, when I commune with the energy that courses through all of existence. 

I find meaning in examining my past and gaining perspective on the “why” things worked out as they did - in seeing how things fit together like one colossal puzzle.

I trust I will find meaning in being of service to others in my role as a counselor/coach/spiritual guide - by helping people realize their connection to Source and by bearing witness to their astounding awakening to the magic of Life.

I look forward to finding meaning through each new stage of my life - perhaps that of being a parent, a teacher, a role model, an elder.  I also look forward to finding new meaning in old themes and lessons.

I invite meaning by staying open and receptive to Spirit as my ultimate inner compass.  I pay attention to clues that show me the way toward meaning.  I invite meaning by closing my eyes and sinking into the darkness, receding into the recesses of my mind where pure potentiality holds all of the creative energy of the universe.  

Every day is a new opportunity to discover meaning and to ponder the wonder of my being here.  Meaning awaits me in every moment, in every breath.  Because of this, I am grateful to know meaning as it gives me a glimpse into how Consciousness wants to express itself while experiencing the unfolding of the Universe through me.

I'd love to know, what's your definition of meaning?  Share in the comments below.

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