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Venus in Retrograde: Healing Our Relationship with Money

I've had this song from, eh-hem, Snoop Lion (aka, Snoop Dogg) in my head for the past few days. It seems appropriate considering on Saturday July 25th, Venus began her 40-day retrograde journey which is inviting us to turn inward and reflect upon the Venusian themes of love, money, values, beauty, and relationships.

With the recent increased awareness and notoriety of Mercury retrograde within the mainstream culture, many people have come to fear and dread retrograde periods - especially since Mercury retrograde happens so frequently and has been duped as a troubling time that induces communication blunders, technology mishaps, delays, and frustrations.

With a cultural addiction to negative press, many people miss out on the inherent benefit of the retrograde period and the not-so-obvious blessings in disguise available during these times.

Retrograde periods are actually pretty awesome as they offer us the opportunity to review, reflect, reorganize, and reassess the themes associated with the planet in retrograde motion. Retrogrades are like a magic wand that allow us to (almost) pause time and go back to make necessary revisions so we can integrate lessons and co-create our future.

So when Venus, the planet of love, creativity, art, values, beauty and money goes retrograde, what can we expect?

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