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Danielle Polgar, M.A.


2015 - the Year of...

Fare thee well 2015, Bonjour 2016!

In June 2014, I wrote a short blog post to recap 2014 as it was unfolding for me. You can read it here.

That simple and short practice was so fluid and easy, I'm amazed I forgot to do it toward the end of 2014. It's almost like a keepsake of that time, which strangely, feels very long ago.

In keeping with the reflective nature of this time of year, I decided to write one for 2015:

2015, The Year Of...

1. 2015...the year of our wedding. Of planning and prepping. Of consciously creating our ceremony. Of celebrating and receiving more love than we ever imagined was possible. Of humbly receiving an abundance of support. Of soaking in the magic of having found our 'one' in each other.

2. 2015...the year of working hard and working, a lot. The year of work, and work, and more work. Of busy schedules and to-do lists. Of trying to fit it all in. Of never really having a day to just be. Of savoring sleep in between the waking hours of 'get er' done'.

3. 2015...the year of moving into our own space. Of nesting by the trees with our hummingbird friend Humphrey. The year of making dinners together. Of celebrating our 'us-ness'. Of finding out we were not four, but five - and then finding out, it's not yet time for us to expand.

4. 2015...the year of taking on more responsibility. Of budgeting, planning, of preparing for the future. Of serious talks and sifting through ideas. Of connecting and sharing our fears and dreams. Of gaining clarity after moving through resistance.

5. 2015...the year of leadership. Of recognizing my worth. Of asking for more and feeling grateful to receive it. Of owning my power and learning how to harness it. Of tripping over my frustrated words. Of learning what it means to listen. Of speaking my truth and asking for help. Of not having expectations, rather, setting intentions.

Last year, my word was SHINE. And shine I did. On my wedding day, at work, and with my clients. I felt the most radiant and full of energy and capable of tackling (almost) everything. 2015 was a huge success. I am over-the-moon with gratitude for all the people I got to meet and work with this past year. 

This coming year, I feel the call to minimize multi-tasking and instead focus my attention in fewer areas. I intend on completing projects that have been simmering on my mental stove for the past few years so I can free up my time for more leisure and play.

2016 feels like I'm crossing the threshold into brand new territory. I'm feeling ready and excited to STRETCH beyond any limiting beliefs that clog up my energetic flow. And so it is!

Cheers to 2016!

May it your year include radical trust, radiant success, and unbounded joy. 


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