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Danielle Polgar, M.A.


The Real New Year + Spring Cleaning

Happy Astrological New Year!

Yesterday marked the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere - the cusp of winter as it gives birth to Spring.  

As the Sun moves from Pisces into Aries, we officially close out one astrological year and begin anew. The first sign of the Zodiac is Aries - a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars. Aries ignites a shift in energy as it represents energy, assertion, and action. 

During the first days of Aries, we have the energy to support new changes, setting intentions and clearing out any residual debris from the previous year.

I've always felt it was strange that we celebrate the new year in the middle of the winter - a time when everything is dead, turning inward, and resting. I understand why people find it challenging to stay committed to New Year's Resolutions as it seems counter-intuitive to our seasonal rhythms.

While Winter has often meant rest and hibernation, Spring has always felt like the true beginning of the year for me. With more sunshine, warmer weather, chirping birds, and budding flowers, nature communicates that it's time to awake from our winter slumber. It is time for rebirth and renewal. 

That being said, I feel that Spring is the "most wonderful time of the year". I feel more alive, energetic, and inspired. This makes sense considering that the Equinox is also considered the "Gate of Inspiration" - literally to "in-spire" - to breathe life.

This is the time where we call in the energy of the East on the medicine wheel that connects us to the truth and promise that energy does not die, it just transforms. 

I like to harness inspiration by beginning new projects and routines and cleaning space to invite fresh energy. I approach spring cleaning holistically and consider all areas of my life that need to be refreshed and renewed.  

Here are some things I do that make a big difference in my year going forward:

  • I clean out my closet. All the things that are worn out, don't fit right, or that I don't wear, I either donate (free pile style) or consign to a local shop. I do my best to avoid the "maybe I'll wear this when...". My fashion motto as of recently is: less is more.
  • I clean my fridge and pantry. I discard old jars of sauces and literally clean the interior of my fridge. I also donate excess goods in my pantry and organize my spice rack. A clean and organized kitchen makes me one happy cook.
  • I clean my body. A few years ago I was really into cleansing. However, these days I like incorporating healthy practices into a daily routine so that I don't feel like I have to do a cleanse. I trust in my body's ability to heal itself and the best way I can help it do that is to eat right and treat it right. During warmer months where there is fresher produce, I find it easier to incorporate more green juices into my daily diet. I also get an annual colonic and eliminate sugar.
  • I clean my phone and desktop. I move old documents to my hard drive and file away papers on my desk from the previous year. Less distraction means more focus and clarity. I also wipe down my computer and phone with rubbing alcohol. So fresh and so clean!
  • I clean the rest of my house. I usually do this in one afternoon and really dive into the corners, under the rugs, and wash the windows. This. feels. so. good. I actually recommend doing this once a month because it's amazing. I also burn sage in each room to cleanse the energy of the space.
  • I clean my mind. I write down affirmations and goals for the coming year. I create vision boards. I journal and brain dump all the junk that's in there and make arrows pointing from any old, limiting ideas to more expansive and inspired ideas.

If I had a garden, I would plant some new seeds. That is definitely on my manifestation list for the coming year.

What about you? How do you celebrate the coming of Spring? What kinds of rituals or practices do you incorporate into this new season?

Leave me a message in the comments below.

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