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Danielle Polgar, M.A.






You deserve to be seen, celebrated, and honored for who you truly are. 

That’s what astrology does. And that’s where I come in.

I'm here to be your cosmic language interpreter and a guiding light on your path.

I use astrology as a tool and lens through which we can find deep meaning to your life's questions.

Questions like, What's my purpose? Why am I here?

You know, the big stuff.

I believe astrology offers all of us the opportunity to empower ourselves with awareness, activate our inherent gifts, and learn how we can respond to life instead of react to it.

Most importantly, I believe Astrology validates and gives everyone permission to be themselves.

No, you aren't 'crazy' or have 'bad luck'.

You're you.

Beautiful you.

Stunning, shining, imperfectly-perfect you.

You’re already a masterpiece.

You're a magnificent story waiting to be read and adored and celebrated. (Even the dark, murky places within you - especially those places).

How I work

I consider your birth chart an x-ray into your psyche.

As one of the many wisdom keepers and interpreters of this archetypal language, astrology helps me understand you on many levels. 

Together we look at your chart as a cosmic map to explore your Soul Story.

But, I’m not a fortune-teller, and I don't predict your future. 

Instead, I share insights of how the language of astrology is spoken through your life. I ask questions and invite you to guide me where and what you want to explore.

I utilize the whole sign house system to interpret natal + transit charts, progressed charts, relocation charts, composite + synastry (relationship) charts, and solar return charts.

* * *

Counseling sessions are approximately 60-75 minutes in length and are recorded as a .mp3 file for future reference.

The Benefit

Validation. Revelation. Transformation.

A reading may help you better understand your strengths, challenges, and overall potential so you can feel empowered and inspired to lead your life from your heart, with confidence.

Clients often comment on how amazed and relieved they feel after a reading.

If you're seeking clarity, insight, and guidance to become more self-aware, make important decisions, and to feel heard and supported, book a session below.