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Danielle Polgar, M.A.




Receiving a reading from Danielle was akin to conversing with a wise and cherished girlfriend over a toasty cup of chai. Soothing, satisfying... and even better when you reflect back on it. In the poetic way she does, Dani offered beautiful insights into who I am and who I came here to be, along with extensive (super useful) guidance for my year ahead. At a transitional time in my life that's been full of 'unknowns,' I walked away feeling clear and excited — less concerned with how things would unfold, and fully anchored back in the faith they would. 

- Rachel MacDonald | Writer, Mentor, + Speaker @ In Spaces Between | Australia

I’ve been absorbing our conversation and I feel a renewed sense of clarity. Thank you so much for the work you do. The session was life changing.
— T.S., South Africa

After a major life transition and subsequent transformations, I wanted to explore my journey from an astrological perspective, look into my chart and see where I was in my Saturn Return journey. Right from the start, Danielle got me. Her insights were so accurate and I could tell she had an amazing gift. I felt excited throughout our session together as I nodded along to her words. I got so much clarity from our session together and felt a strong sense of knowing my life's direction. Danielle was supportive and her reading provided me with an anchoring in my path. I left feeling more empowered. I'd recommend Danielle to anyone going through a life transition as she will help you gain a better understanding of your journey and guide you toward clarity and empowerment. 

- Gaby G. | Transpersonal Life Coach + Blogger | Australia

Almost immediately we felt a deepening in our energy and confirmation that came through talking with you. You have a way with connecting and explaining. Your big heart and skill for this work is clear.
— Erin, Australia

It feel’s like the big picture of my life’s journey, past, present and future, was witnessed and reflected back to me today. What a special feeling. Thank you.
— Jesse, Oakland, CA

I was feeling at a crossroads in my life with my creative work, career and relationships. I had a felt sense that something was shifting but couldn’t put my finger on it. This caused anxiety and uncertainty in my life. After working with Danielle, I got clarity as to where I am heading. She validated my creative work and gave me perspective on how to create and connect with myself and others through challenging times. I felt so inspired, creative, and energized from our session. I often look back at her reading to see how the wisdom of astrology, continues to unfold for me.

- Jackie Johansen | Your Words Electric

Danielle truly confirmed who I was. It made me feel good that the way I am is OK. I appreciated the insight so much that I “paid if forward” and gave my boyfriend a reading as a gift. He loved it!
— Karen F. | Northern California

Danielle gave the most in depth astrology reading I have ever had. She took the time to connect each and every aspect of my birth chart to what she knows about me as a human being providing me with support and affirmation throughout the process. In the transit reading she helped me to reflect on the ways that different astrological influences have shown themselves in the past in order to help me better understand my present and future. I came away from the reading with a greater sense of confidence in my life's purpose and with more of an understanding of how to navigate the dynamics at hand in my life.

- Niralli Costa | Psychotherapist | Oakland, CA

Danielle is an amazing astrologer. I found the information so validating and affirming of who I am. The information she gave me during the reading was invaluable. Danielle is truly one of a kind. You will LOVE this experience!
— Marilyn | Author + Teacher | San Ramon, CA

Danielle's words and wisdom have lingered with me since my reading with her. She brought many much needed reminders that are helping me re-orienting myself in a more powerful way on my life journey. I deeply appreciate the big picture vision of my life that she illuminated through astrology. Speaking with her left me with a profound knowing that everything is going to come at the right time, my job is to remain present and open and curious.

- Armene | Awaken Chiropractic | Oakland, CA

She contributes a purposeful touch to every daily endeavor and interaction large or small. Once in her space, her aura encapsulates you with warmth and serenity where she lends you her spiritual consciousness.
— Nate | PhD student | Los Angeles, CA

I heard so many good things about Danielle and felt so conflicted in my personal and professional life before our session. After my reading, I felt like I got an honest picture of my traits and patterns, which helped me gain new insight about how I can make better decisions and feel more satisfied in my relationships. Danielle's approach is not a like a lecture but is a true dialogue which helped me feel supported and at ease. She offered me awesome suggestions as to how I could change how I engage with conflict. I had so much to reflect upon after the reading. I now feel like I'm a more awakened version of myself; less rigid, and more calm and comfortable with who I am.  

                                                                          - Emily Steenwyk | New York

During a particularly difficult period in my life, Danielle’s kind nature, inspiring words and patience created an environment where I felt safe and secure to discuss what I was going through.
— K.C. | Consultant | New York

Danielle is an enthusiastic teacher, guide, and listener who teaches you how to embrace the unknown and the challenging moments that life brings. With her love and fervor for life and it’s unfoldings, she has helped me get in contact with my passion for life in all it’s forms.
— Dalia | Sex + Relationship Coach | San Francisco

Danielle’s positive attitude is contagious! I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!
— Lexi | Psychotherapist | Bozeman, MT
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