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with Danielle Polgar, M.A.


S A T U R N   R E T U R N



Every 27-30 years Saturn returns to the same place it was at the time of your birth on this awesome planet. This return marks a culmination of four 7-year cycles -- through which, you probably learned quite a bit about life.

Every 7 years is considered a Saturn cycle, and every 7 years Saturn provides you with a 'pop quiz' in how much you've learned about yourself thus far. By the time you reach your Saturn Return between ages 27-30, you're given the final exam of to reflect on the first 30 years of your life. When you pass this massive test, you graduate onto the next stage of your life.

The Saturn Return is thus an initiation and a rite of passage.

Many people fear this transitional experience because of the negative press Saturn and the Saturn Return have received. However, I regard Saturn as the ultimate archetype for helping us appreciate, honor, and respect our time here on Earth. Though the lessons of Saturn may be massively challenging, the rewards can be just as massive.


Joseph Campbell came up with this absolutely brilliant and universally applicable model to describe the process of change and transformation -- and, the Saturn Return aligns beautifully with this metaphor.

Your personal journey with your Saturn Return may begin with an inner calling, sometimes described as an emotional 'ache' or pull from within. Otherwise known as 'the call to adventure', you may answer this call and go on your way to face necessary challenges and tests, while receiving support and guidance from wise guides along the way. 

After passing several tests and building your inner strength, you may return to your community with a gift or an elixir -- which is your hard-earned wisdom and understanding. This wisdom becomes the foundation on which the rest of your life is built. So, it's kind of a big deal!

If you are blessed to live long enough, you may have the opportunity to experience three Saturn Returns in your lifetime: your first between ages 27-30, your second between 57-60, and your last and final return between the ages of 87-90.


When Saturn comes for a visit through your natal chart, you may be reminded of your limitations - the biggest one is that you won't live forever. 

This may not come as such a big surprise, but this 'somewhere in time' fantasy may start to feel very real during your Saturn Return.

This realization may bring about temporary depression. Or, you may feel blocked, or trapped, or burdened. Or, on the flip side you may feel ultra motivated and in a hurry to get your shit together because you feel like you're running out of time.

There's often a sense of pressure. 

Life circumstances may ask that you work hard, be patient, or face whatever challenges show up.

Sounds like fun, huh?

It actually can be -- that is, if you're willing to take responsibility for your life by becoming your own authority and establishing routines, structures, and behaviors that support who your inner truth. Note that authority contains the word author, and responsibility suggests, the ability to respond.

Saturn asks, "how do you want to write the story of your life?" and "how will you respond to what is presented to you?"

Saturn helps you take ownership of your contribution to your circumstances. It asks you to commit to your truth -- a truth that only you know. The inner voice that knows what's best for you - not your parents truth, or your friends, or society's...but yours.

And the way to hear that truth is to release anything that is impeding your ability to be an honest, authentic version of yourself. This may include careers, relationships, belief systems, and behaviors.

Saturn tends to distill, compress, and wring out your true essence. Restrictions, delays, and frustrations are all part of the development and preparation of your inner elixir. This can sometimes feel really tough! But just like a tough work out, the pain eventually subsides and gives way to greater strength.

When all is said and done and you pass the tests set before you, you will be rewarded in some great way.


Are you about to crest the hill of this daunting adventure? Or are you already caught in its throws? Are you cruising through the eye of its storm thinking the worst is over -- but then...ugh, there's more?

Wherever you are, I get it.

I feel your struggle. I've been there. And everyone else over 30 has been too.

It will pass.

But before it does, it's high time you find some guides and helpers - and guess what, I'm one of them!

I'm what you could call a Saturn Return 'shepherd', here to help you traverse to the other side of this big, emotional, behemoth of a journey. And even if you've already cycled through your Saturn Return and you're breathing a sigh of relief, perhaps a celebration and integration is in order.

If so, I'm all ears. We can still check out what other transits are happening for you as well as review and integrate what you've learned through your Saturn Return.  

  Tune in here if you'd like to listen to me and Adam Sommer chat about the Saturn Return.


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