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Danielle Polgar, M.A.





A 12-week guided course

Explore + discover your life journey

through the lens of Astrology

(Beginners welcome)

In our 12 weekly 1:1 sessions, we will unpack and re-read your life story according to the map of the sky when you were born.

We'll start with the 1st house of Self and explore a new house and theme each week based on the specific placements of your chart. Together we’ll peel back the layers of archetypal symbolism and how they are reflected through your unique life story.

You’ll not only learn the fundamentals of astrology, but also gain insight into specific questions regarding your personality traits and life experiences. You’ll also gain wisdom as to how you can work with challenging aspects so they can become valuable assets. 

Our sessions will be 1-part educational and 1-part counseling, which means we will also explore some of my transformative counseling techniques as part of our collaborative time together.