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Danielle Polgar, M.A.

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Saturn Return: Your Heroic Journey

Eek! The dreaded Saturn Return. You've heard of it right? Every 27-30 years Saturn literally "returns" to the same place it was the moment you graciously arrived on planet Earth.  

It's return is an initiation into a new phase of your life - which means, you are tested to become the authority of your life - your own hero/heroine!  

The Saturn Return process mimics Joseph Campbell's monomyth "The Hero's Journey" which looks and feels like this:

It makes sense that it takes 27+ years for Saturn to transit our chart. It takes about that long to make sense of this wild + whacky thing called Life, am I right?

Until we are called to the adventure of our Saturn Return, we kind of float around at the whim of our families and society telling us how we "should" be. Well, Saturn doesn't want us "shoulding" on ourselves. Saturn is a no-bullshit planet in that regard.

Saturn represents boundaries, maturity, responsibility, discipline, authority, patience - among many other "serious" qualities.

When it comes back for a visit to our natal charts, its purpose is to remind us of our own authority - literally we learn how to become the "author" of our own life - to quit blaming others, take responsibility for ourselves, and start living our truth.  

Saturn will ask us, "Who are you in relationship to the world? Who did you come here to be? How can you be more responsible for yourself? Are you ready to grow up?" To which you may answer Saturn with your middle finger, because truth be known, Saturn lessons can be tough.

Saturn restricts, prunes, and compresses us until what remains is our true essence - the elixir that is our gift to the world.  

You may find yourself overwhelmed, depressed, confused, angry, or frustrated during your Saturn Return or any other Saturn transit. And that's precisely the purpose.

To really become able to respond (response-able) you have to learn about your boundaries and how to be the best version of your unique self with others. 

Saturn wants us to be honest with ourselves and with the world, and the beautiful lesson you will learn through your Saturn Return is that, honesty creates intimacy.

Being honest and authentic helps us create the relationships we want.

Depending on your natal aspects + Saturn's placement in your chart, your Saturn Return will focus on a theme (or a few). When Saturn is done schooling you on this theme, you will graduate as an expert with a PhD in Awesomeness, for reals. There is no doubt that when you pass the tests set before you, you will be rewarded in some great way.  

So maybe you're just cresting the hill of this daunting adventure, or maybe you are caught in its throws, or cruising through the eye of its sh^t storm praying for it to be over -- wherever you are, I am here to help guide you and support you through to the other side.

If perhaps you've cycled through your Saturn Return and are breathing a sigh of relief (amidst your triumphant glee that you have traversed to the other side) I think a celebration is in order, let's cheers to that! We can still check out what other transits are happening and review and integrate what you've learned through your Saturn Return.  

Contact me here to get started.