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Danielle Polgar, M.A.


:: Guest Post :: Gliding through Transformation

By now you're probably well aware that change is our ever present companion, right? Well, even so, sadly that awareness doesn't make the road of change any less bumpy or anymore comfortable.

I asked my Aussie sister and Transpersonal Life Coach, Gaby Gogarty to chime in about her insights and guidance to support yourself through change.

Having had the pleasure of experiencing one of her illuminating coaching sessions, she is truly gifted at offering questions that help you re-connect with your inner wise guide who knows exactly what to do to navigate transformation. 

With all the gigantic waves of change crashing in on us this month, I trust Gaby's words will provide you with some insight into your own process.

Soak up a bit of Gaby's wisdom below:

Riding through a surge of transformation

You have heard the call, you have felt the changes coming through youand yet there is, resistance. There is a part of you that wants to hold onto your old ways, not because they are the best thing for you, but because they feel comfortable and safe.

It requires no courage and no risk to stay put. Breaking through old patterns can hurt. It can be hard. It can make you confused.

Self-doubt arises: am I doing the right thing? Am I going crazy? Is this feeling coming from deep within, or am I just creating something else based on past experiences and a desire to escape reality?

Whenever something is shaken within you and you have this call to take a step in a different direction,  many self-sabotaging behaviorswill arise to keep you stuck.

It is painful and frustrating, but you know, somewhere deep inside, that on the other side of this pain or struggle waits something youve been craving: a new you.

Sometimes the universe will test you, giving you a taste of something you want. It is almost like its trying to pull things into perspective and ask you to reevaluate your goals and desires in accordance with what you really want to experience in this lifetime.

So here is how you can navigate these growing pains with ease, while making sure youre choosing changes rooted in soul-based desires and decisions.

First things first: if you are going through some sort of transformation and change right now, I ask you to allow yourself to really feel everything that is arising for you. Make time to allow yourself just to be, and to really make sense of what is going on right now.

// Embrace. Sometimes we are in such a rush to implement or dive into those changes that we forget to feel the feeling and really embrace those changes from a deeper and more embodied perspective.

// Spend time with yourself, perhaps taking a weekend away, a camping trip, or even just time with nature. Move away from all external distractions, because when you are going through change, your mind will make any excuse it can not to really feel the feelings. Time alone will allow you to make full sense of what is going on and what it is that you need to make those changes come about comfortably.

Then, ask yourself:

What are the changes I need to make?

Do I need support to make these changes?

Who can help me or guide me through it?

 What is one small thing that I can do that will help this transition feel easier and not so overwhelming?

Secondly, connect to the part of yourself that is really brave, strong and has courage.

Just close your eyes for a moment and picture yourself in a situation or area of your life where you feel this strength. Now, make sure you engage with this part of yourself and ask her to guide and support you through this transition.

 How may this part of you support you?

How can you call upon her?

How may you be aware of her presence when self-doubt arises?

And lastly, get support from someone who creates the space for you to verbalize what it is that you are experiencing.

Not someone that may offer you advice, but someone who can just create the space for you to speak it all out. Because when we stay in our heads, it can be hard to make sense of a situation.

But once you start verbalizing it, you will find many answers as you speak it out. A life coach, a counselor or even just a friend with a good listening ear can do the trick.

And if you are not yet ready to speak to anyone about it, you can try recording a video or audio of yourself talking about your experience. Talk as if you are explaining it to someone, and see where that will take you.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

I am feeling………………because………………….and I am struggling with…………….

 “What I need right now is………”

Remember, transformation is a process.

You may go through different processes throughout your lifetime. Transformation also happens in stages.

So when you think you have got it all covered you will learn something else, and each time you will get more and more stretched as you align yourself with your truth.

And never forget, it may be hard and it may be painful, but on the other side of this, there is something magical. There is liberation, freedom and a life that is more aligned with who you really are and what you really want do with your life.

And yes, how could I forget get a massage!

As your expand internally, your body will feel constricted, not only because you are feeling the tension of making changes, but also because your body is expanding, you are coming out more, and we hold a lot of emotions and experiences in our bodies.

So do something nice to allow your body to create space and accommodate your internal growth. Have a bath, do a yoga class or whatever it is that allows you to create more internal space, release some pent-up internal energy and expand your physical being to align with your internal being.

And go rock it baby, go show the world your new superpowers and radiating beauty.

Life is good on the other side of transformation, just make the process comfortable so that you can cross the line with ease.

-Gaby Gogarty, Transpersonal Life Coach at

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Gaby Gogarty is a transpersonal life coach who specialises in helping women turn their lives around by finding direction and purpose through a journey of self-discovery, where they can actively engage and establish a life filled with peace, freedom and fun.

A self-proclaimed self-discovery junkie, Gaby has dedicated the last 8 years of her life to further exploring human emotions, healing and health alternatives. With this interest, she has since embarked on her own journey of self-discovery and transformation, finding her true passion, changing her life, and discovering outstanding joy. Now, she is ready to share her message with the world. Gaby believes that anyone can live a happy life regardless of what they have been through.

Her goal is to spread hope and happiness to those who feel lost and despaired just as she discovered for herself. She prides herself in encouraging and motivating women to see the world with eyes that are not clouded by past traumas and negative self beliefs. Gaby is the mother of two cheeky monkeys who have benefited immensely from her transformation and from whom she has learned huge life lessons time and time again.

Check out her Self Safari sessions so that you, too, can discover your true self and turn your life around.       

What big changes are on the horizon for you?

How do you see yourself riding out the wave?