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Danielle Polgar, M.A.


2015 - the Year of...

Fare thee well 2015, Bonjour 2016!

In June 2014, I wrote a short blog post to recap 2014 as it was unfolding for me. You can read it here.

That simple and short practice was so fluid and easy, I'm amazed I forgot to do it toward the end of 2014. It's almost like a keepsake of that time, which strangely, feels very long ago.

In keeping with the reflective nature of this time of year, I decided to write one for 2015:

2015, The Year Of...

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The Biggest Risk

When was the last time someone asked you about the risks you've taken in your life?

For me, it was a few nights ago in my women's circle gathering when we discussed the biggest risks we've taken and the biggest risks we're afraid to take.

I admit, I entered into the conversation with some expectations. I expected women to speak about taking risks with their careers, or moving to a new place. Instead, women spoke about the risk of being vulnerable -- of being seen in our deepest, darkest pit of our grieving process. Some women talked about what it feels like to risk letting go of a hope for the future, after finally realizing, it isn't meant to be.

It was heart wrenching to hear my sister's speak about their fears and their pain. And at the same time, I felt empowered and inspired to witness them taking the risk to speak their truth.

While listening, my mind contemplated the risk takers of the zodiac: Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo. Two words emerged: Trust and Faith.

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October Themes: Self + Other

Woo hoo! We’re in the final quarter of 2015 with less than 90 days until 2016. Are you excited to turn the page on a new year? I sure am. 2015 has been a mega wild ride. Do you agree?

Think back to 9 months ago, what goals and intentions were you setting for yourself? Are they starting to take shape by now? Or are you one of many who got a bit derailed by the recent eclipses?

Wherever this moment finds you, know that we’re all in a process of stabilization as we return to a state of equilibrium, especially now that we’re journeying through the sign of Libra.

The Sun, Mercury, and the North Node are dancing together in this sign, so there’s a lot of attention directed toward the realm of relationships, balance, harmony, and beauty.

We may have been in deep contemplation during Mercury retrograde, which ends tomorrow (the 9th), and with Venus moving out of her retrograde shadow and into the sign of Virgo, we may suddenly feel like clearing up and healing any relationship snafu’s we haven’t dealt with yet.

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:: Guest Post :: Gliding through Transformation

By now you're probably well aware that change is our ever present companion, right? Well, even so, sadly that awareness doesn't make the road of change any less bumpy or anymore comfortable.

I asked my Aussie sister and Transpersonal Life Coach, Gaby Gogarty to chime in about her insights and guidance to support yourself through change.

Having had the pleasure of experiencing one of her illuminating coaching sessions, she is truly gifted at offering questions that help you re-connect with your inner wise guide who knows exactly what to do to navigate transformation. 

With all the gigantic waves of change crashing in on us this month, I trust Gaby's words will provide you with some insight into your own process.

Soak up a bit of Gaby's wisdom below:

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September Themes: Spirit + Matter

Whoa. I am having a seriously tough time writing lately.  Is anyone else experiencing mental-stimulus overload? What. The. Eff.

I've been pondering a media-fast for a few and I think it might be time to do that. I've been trying to write this damn blog post for a few hours and I keep going off on a tangent and my thoughts keep getting tangled and murky. So I checked my chart and, voila! Saturn directly in opposition to my natal Mercury in the 3rd house. Talk about writer's block. 

Thankfully, with Saturn now in forward movement, this period of mental constipation should be over fairly soon. However, Mercury is set to retrograde on the 17th of September, so that could be sending my mind in a bit of a spin as we're actually in its pre-retro shadow period right now. 

Before Mercury retrogrades though, we have a deeply intuitive SuperMoon waxing towards her fullest expression in the sign of Pisces tomorrow.

This Full Moon in Pisces foreshadows what we can expect during the collective Jupiter opposite Neptune transit coming up in September, which I will get into below.

As you may know, Full Moons represent endings, emphasized even more through this particular Moon as it falls in the sign of Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac.

So, what are you completing or releasing from your life?


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